Thursday, March 10, 2011

Actress, Camille Winbush

TruthIsI: First, we want to congratulate you with your success on the show “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” Shockingly, ladies aged 30 – 44 view this show as “most popular.” This show is geared towards teens and young adults. Why do you think this show has become one of the shows that is rated popular and widely accepted amongst all?

CW: I think the show is so popular because it’s relatable. A lot of teens and young adults are going through a lot of the same issues as the characters on the show. Also, parents can watch with their kids and get insight on the way teens think and feel these days. It’s a great conversation starter for those not so comfortable topics.

TruthIsI: Most people know you from “The Bernie Mac show,” which too was a huge success! Being the fact that you have landed successful, long running shows (by industry standard) … what is your selection process and what are some of the key factors that attract you to the projects you choose?

CW: I am so thankful to have been on such a successful and long running show like “Bernie Mac,” and “Secret Life” is great too. I love projects that have substance. Whether it be three kids having to live with their uncle because their mother is on drugs, or a high school freshman who’s scared to tell her parents she is pregnant.

TruthIsI: What role in a film/television series that you have portrayed would you say is most like you?

CW: I think there are pieces of me in every character I play. Also, it helps when you’re working with writers that get to know you and take things from your personality and make them a part of the character you portray.

TruthIsI: Golden question: Every parent and child who are interested in breaking into this industry want to know how you got started? Did you attend acting school?

CW: I was discovered when I was two years old. I was in the audience of my cousin’s talent show and my former manager saw me, thought I was cute, and I signed with them a week later. Thankfully, I’ve been working steady ever since then. I have attended acting classes over the years to stay polished. My favorite coaches are Andrew Magarian and Sara Wood.

TruthIsI: What advice would you give to parents who are interested in getting their child(ren) into the entertainment business?

CW: My advice would be to make sure this business is something your Kid(s) really want to do. Yes it is fun, but it’s still hard work and very time consuming. Don’t be discouraged by people telling you no. And always be supportive of your child and his/her dreams.

TruthIsI: Is there any “beware” advice that you can provide to parents and children who are interested in an acting career?

CW: Beware of the agents/managers who ask you to pay a fee up front. If they ask you for money before you book any jobs, it’s a scam so run away as fast as you can! Agents and managers only get paid after you work.

TruthIsI: Thank you for being such a positive influence and role model for our youth. And, thank you for supporting S.T.A.R.!

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