Thursday, March 10, 2011

Actress, Camille Winbush

TruthIsI: First, we want to congratulate you with your success on the show “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” Shockingly, ladies aged 30 – 44 view this show as “most popular.” This show is geared towards teens and young adults. Why do you think this show has become one of the shows that is rated popular and widely accepted amongst all?

CW: I think the show is so popular because it’s relatable. A lot of teens and young adults are going through a lot of the same issues as the characters on the show. Also, parents can watch with their kids and get insight on the way teens think and feel these days. It’s a great conversation starter for those not so comfortable topics.

TruthIsI: Most people know you from “The Bernie Mac show,” which too was a huge success! Being the fact that you have landed successful, long running shows (by industry standard) … what is your selection process and what are some of the key factors that attract you to the projects you choose?

CW: I am so thankful to have been on such a successful and long running show like “Bernie Mac,” and “Secret Life” is great too. I love projects that have substance. Whether it be three kids having to live with their uncle because their mother is on drugs, or a high school freshman who’s scared to tell her parents she is pregnant.

TruthIsI: What role in a film/television series that you have portrayed would you say is most like you?

CW: I think there are pieces of me in every character I play. Also, it helps when you’re working with writers that get to know you and take things from your personality and make them a part of the character you portray.

TruthIsI: Golden question: Every parent and child who are interested in breaking into this industry want to know how you got started? Did you attend acting school?

CW: I was discovered when I was two years old. I was in the audience of my cousin’s talent show and my former manager saw me, thought I was cute, and I signed with them a week later. Thankfully, I’ve been working steady ever since then. I have attended acting classes over the years to stay polished. My favorite coaches are Andrew Magarian and Sara Wood.

TruthIsI: What advice would you give to parents who are interested in getting their child(ren) into the entertainment business?

CW: My advice would be to make sure this business is something your Kid(s) really want to do. Yes it is fun, but it’s still hard work and very time consuming. Don’t be discouraged by people telling you no. And always be supportive of your child and his/her dreams.

TruthIsI: Is there any “beware” advice that you can provide to parents and children who are interested in an acting career?

CW: Beware of the agents/managers who ask you to pay a fee up front. If they ask you for money before you book any jobs, it’s a scam so run away as fast as you can! Agents and managers only get paid after you work.

TruthIsI: Thank you for being such a positive influence and role model for our youth. And, thank you for supporting S.T.A.R.!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

NBC Script Supervisor, Elisa Fornia

NBC Script Supervisor, Elisa Forni

: Thank you for taking time to speak with us! Interesting how we were brought together. Matt, the co-founder of HIV & Single befriended S.T.A.R. on MySpace. I read more about the organization and I felt it necessary to interview you. I informed Matt that we typically interview women within the entertainment industry (on and off the camera), and he advised me that I was in luck because you are a Script Supervisor :-)

TruthIsI: Please tell, what is a Script Supervisor?
Elisa: The glue that holds everything together. I sit next to the Director and take notes on everything that is being shot ... In keeping meticulous notes, I am able to assist the editor in cutting the film and piecing it together. It's very rare that scenes are shot in sequential order.  I make sure that everything is in order and looks right, and that everything is still matching. I prep for every episode. I oversee all continuity and catch mistakes!
TruthIsI: How did you get a job as a Script Supervisor?
Elisa: A friend of mine advised me that I would be good at it; I'm very detail oriented. At that time, I read the one book that was available about Script Supervising and Film Continuity by Pat P. Miller. I also took a class conducted by Bob Gary. Bob held classes in his home on Saturdays; this was a long time ago. Bob has been around for years. He passed away in May of this year.
I then joined a union, Local 871, in an effort to find work and get placed. There is uniqueness to my job. I am a department of one. If I make a mistake, it's up to me to take full responsibility and accountability. I kind of like not having someone over me (laugh) ...
TruthIsI: As you know, we mentor to female youth. We're all about "girl power." A lot of our youth are interested in the entertainment industry, and they all want to be that actress, dancer, or singer. STAR likes to introduce them to other opportunities within the industry in an effort to not limit their possibilities ...
Elisa: Oh my goodness, there is so much opportunity in the industry behind the camera. You have your script supervisors, costume designers, make-up artist, etc. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes to make-up that television show or that film. There is an abundance of opportunity for women! And, the health insurance benefits in this industry are phenomenal!
For instance, no offense to men, but women primarily rule the role of script supervisor. Jennifer, you know as a single mother how much multi-tasking you do; men can't do that (laugh). Women are much better at multi-tasking. This job is all about multi-tasking and attention to detail.
TruthIsI: Now about the cause, how did you go about co-founding HIV and Single?
Elisa: I've known Matt for about 15 years. Matt started HIV and Single about seven years ago. His mom was diagnosed with HIV in 2001. Our mission is to help positive singles find friendship, love, and companionship without the fear of disclosure, stigmas, or judgment. It was one of the first HIV dating sites on the web.
Several years after his mom was diagnosed, he asked her about her dating life. Her words were, "dating with HIV is a nightmare and making or even keeping friends is difficult." She told him that once she disclosed her HIV status the other person wasn't interested. Some of her friends, she explained, wouldn't eat dinner or drink out of a glass at her house anymore. She felt like a pariah. This really upset Matt. He couldn't believe the ignorance, and that after all these years, still existed.
She also explained that meeting other positive singles was difficult because people are concerned about their privacy. And, it's not like the local bar or club has HIV singles night. She felt as if she was destined to a life of solitude and loneliness.
With HIV and Single, we want people to feel that they have a safe place to connect with and meet friends. HIV is not a death sentence anymore. There is great medical care now days. But, there's still such a stigma.
TruthIsI: We were very intrigued with this site. Many people do feel isolated and that their life is "over" because they have the disease. We've heard numerous stories of people intentionally passing on the disease because of their own bitterness and insecurities. This is great! This gives people an opportunity to embrace their "Truth." How has the response been regarding HIV and Single?
Elisa: It's been a very positive experience! Just recently, two people met on our site and had a commitment ceremony. It was great!
TruthIsI: Thank you for all that you do, and taking the time to support S.T.A.R.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Actress, Jenifer Lewis

TruthIsI:  Thank you Jenifer for taking time with us today.  I love your role in films such as: “What’s Love Got To Do With It,” “The Brothers,” “Madea’s Family Reunion,” “Meet the Browns,” and so many more. You have a cameo role in an upcoming film titled "Hereafter."  What was it like working with Clint Eastwood as the Director?

JLClint Eastwood is an icon and a legend.  He did not present that to me when I stepped on the set.  He presented a very classy, warm, and easy going guy.   He has an ability to put actors at ease.  He trusts the artist.  That’s really important, because when you feel like they trust you, then you can relax and do your job.  I will say this and I rarely say it, I was very proud of my work in this film, because I was allowed the space and the room to create.

TruthIsI:  As you know, S.T.A.R. Foundation mentors to female high school aged youth regarding respect and healthy living (which incorporates HIV & STD prevention).  We hear a lot of our youth stating that they want to be an actress, singer, dancer, (working in the entertainment industry), etc.  Some of our youth feel that they may need to compromise their morals, ethics, or physical appearance to do so.  What advice would you give to our young ladies who think this way? What advice would you give to girls to access their inner strength and tap into their “girl power?”

JL:  A lot of times, I don’t want to say anything to these girls.  I want to just listen to what they have to say, because sometimes that’s how they got where they are ... no one would listen to them.

Tell them to get their education.  I went and studied acting and that’s why I’ve been so successful at it.  I trained first! I’m able to do comedy, television, theater, and film.  They can become diverse when they honor the true self.  If you really want to be an artist, then the journey is within to become that; it’s not what you do, but it’s who you are doing it.

TruthIsI:  I heard that you had “humble” beginnings.  During your earlier years, you weren’t always in the best financial situations.  Can you shed a little light on that, and encourage those who find themselves in similar predicaments? They feel that life, as they know it, is “over” and can’t get any better …

JL:  When you look in the mirror, you have to want more.  But then you have to have the courage and the strength to work for it.   You have to take steps.  The elevator to success is broken.  You have to experience by experience and build a foundation to stand on. 

The main focus has to be what really makes you happy!  You can’t be happy unless you’re healthy!  Take care of yourself. 

We’re living in a world where everything is at our disposal; it’s right there.  Leave the excuses at home!

Get up everyday and go for it!  Everyday put a smile on your face when you wake up.  Put a smile on your face whether anything is funny or not (smile anyway) … I dare you to do it, and see that your day don’t go better.  It’s day-by-day and step-by-step.  It’s not trying to get to the end, it’s the journey itself.   And, it is a long and winding road, but go on and go down there anyway.   

Just go for whatever it is that you love.  The ticket is what makes you happy, and do whatever it is in your power to be able to do that.  Don’t have so much pride that you can’t take a job at McDonald’s in order to get a ticket to somewhere you want to go.

TruthIsI:  About Jenifer the actress, what is your most memorable role to date and why?

JL:  What’s Love Got to Do With It … I was very focused in the role.  I did a considerable amount of work on the role, and I think the results were really wonderful.  I don’t say it often, but I was very proud of that performance, and the other one would be “Jackie’s Back” … that made me happy too.  It was the first movie I starred in, and it was my own movie.  It was really funny … it made me very happy! 

TruthIsI:  “What’s Love Go To Do With It” was not a comedy, but you made people laugh regardless.  You were hilarious in the film …

JL:  That humor comes from reality.  You know, the truth is funny.  We all have a mother or aunt that talks like that ... “I’m the only sinner in this house.”  That’s when people really fell in love with me, because I reminded them of somebody that was in their family.  You know the role on Fresh Prince, and playing Tupac’s mother … I’m the black mother of Hollywood.

TruthIsI:  You portray both on/off screen to be a strong woman.  What do you admire most about yourself as a woman and why?

JL:  Well, that I stopped pointing the finger.  When I learned to point the finger at myself and take responsibility for my own choices in life; that was when I began to start to love and respect myself.  You have to look in the mirror and say, “I made that choice, now let me take responsibility for it.”  Deal with the consequences, feel the feelings and keep it moving!  Let me tell you something … the sun is going to rise in the morning and it’s going to set in the evening without making a sound.  Now what you do in between that time … what you do in between all that glory and majesty is your business.

TruthIsI:  Now, about the cause:  Do you know anyone close to you who has died of AIDS?  What has your experience or outreach been in the community with this issue?

JL:  Jesus yes!  I’m at an AIDS fundraising benefit at least every two months.  I’m a major advocate for HIV/AIDS and breast cancer … finding a cure. 

Young ladies, respect yourselves.  Look in the mirror and say:  I don’t want to throw my body away today; I’m beautiful! I don’t need someone else to tell me I’m beautiful.  Even if I don’t think my hair looks good today, I’m still a beautiful person!  I’m important.  I’m special.  I’m needed.  People honor me.  Even if my hair doesn’t look good today, I’m still beautiful inside.  I don’t want to hurt myself! 

TruthIsI:  Thank you so much Jenifer and thank you for your support!  

Jenifer Lewis & Matt Damon in Hereafter

Monday, October 19, 2009


Let's discuss "Precious" ... For those of you who have not seen the film, you must (due to release November 6th).

First, let's talk about girls today who are fixating on their flaws, causing them to belittle themselves and even take destructive action. The onslaught of messages and images they constantly receive sets an unrealistic standard of beauty.

What are body image and self-esteem? Body image is the picture that you have of your physical appearance in your mind. Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself as a person. They both include positive and negative feelings, and can be influenced by society, cultural background, and life experiences. Body image and self-esteem are connected, because the way that you feel about your body can affect the way you feel about yourself as a whole.

As parents and caregivers, your children look to you for guidance and support, and they want to hear what you have to say. Talk with your children about body image and self-esteem. Give them age-appropriate, positive messages that will help them feel better about themselves. Discuss that every individual is unique, that there are behaviors related to body image that are healthy and unhealthy, and that the ways in which the media portrays body image can be unrealistic in real life. Most importantly, help them celebrate and appreciate the person that they are and all they have to offer.

Do you think this film touched upon what "our" girls are faced with today? What are your thoughts on the film (good or bad)? Would you recommend this film to friends and family? This discussion is deep because this film hits "home" to so many of "our" girls today! Let's talk about this ...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


TruthIsI: Gracias por tomar tiempo con TruthIsI. Cuando usted sabe, entrevistamos a mujeres exitosas afines como usted mismo en un esfuerzo para informar y educar nuestra audiencia. ¿Usted es uno de las personalidades en-aéreos de radio para la estación popular, latina 96,3 en Los Angeles, California; cómo aseguró usted esta posición y lo que le inspiró a hacer así?

Raq-C: ¡Tendría que decir que aseguré mi posición con latina 96,3 con mucha determinación y sin chofer! Fui determinó tanto entrar en el L.A. radio, y yo son la clase de persona que cuando puse mi mente en un objetivo, yo lo perseguiré hasta que yo lo alcance. Hacía radio en Chicago cuando fui informado ése de nuestras estaciones de hermana en L.A. había echado al aire formatos al formato de Urban/Rhythmic. Dejé una posición buena en Chicago como una mañana mosuera a co-anfitrión para perseguir este sueño de conseguir en casa y puede mecer las ondas hertzianas en Los Angeles. Cuándo yo dejé a Chicago I dejé con $200 en mi bolsillo y conduje mi espalda de escarabajo de VW a Los Angeles. ¡Me tomó cuatro días para llegar a casa pero para adivinar lo que, llegué a casa y yo estuve listo para mi próximo desafío!

TruthIsI: ¿Para la juventud que sube detrás de usted, qué consejo y/o la dirección daría se usted a ellos ser interesados en una carrera en la radio?

Raq-C: El primer y la mayoría de las cosas importante yo tendría que decir es cree en usted mismo, porque si usted no cree en usted mismo nadie hace más. Si esta carrera es realmente lo que usted desea que usted deba entender que tomará mucho trabajo en su parte y el sacrificio. Los sacrificios que a veces usted no quizás quiera hacer, pero si usted ‘acerca de grave acerca de esta carrera usted hace más que contentamente los hace. Por ejemplo, emipeza con un puestos de interno en su emisora predilecta. Esta carrera es tanta diversión, pero es definitivamente para personas que son apasionadas. ¡Yo siempre digo a personas que nací de hacer radio, no hay un día que yo me siento como trabajará, yo siempre digo, “haré lo que adoro hoy y eso mece el micro & inyectando mi energía en las ondas hertzianas, lo que una bendición! ¿Cuántas personas pueden decir realmente que ellos hacen lo que ellos adoran en un diario? Sé de unos pocos, pero más de nosotros necesito para ser cumplido realmente con lo que hacemos en una base diario/regular. ¡Si esto es la carrera que usted desea … lo persigue, la repleto-fuerza, ningunas distracciones ni las excusas y será suyo!

TruthIsI: En la visita de su sitio web y su página de MySpace, yo veo usted tiene unas pocas cosas que pasan. Comparta por favor …

Raq-C: Realmente, hago. Algunas cosas que yo no puedo decir usted acerca de bastante todavía. Mi sitio web es uno de mis bebés más grandes. Estoy seguro que usted pudo decir que he puesto mucho corazón y el esfuerzo en mi sitio. Hago un diario libro diario simplemente porque quieren dar otros un interior mira mi vida y las cosas que hago; llamo esa sección de mi sitio web la Daily Dose. Algo más yo disfruto de hacer hablará en institutos y juventud/centro social distinto. Adoro autorizar y motivar la juventud. ¡Adoro ayudar el futuro de cree mañana en sus sueños y entiende realmente que si ellos lo pueden representarse quiere que hice, entonces usted lo puede hacer una realidad! El trabajo de la caridad/comunidad es otra pasión grande mía. Trato de hacer tanto como puedo; me cumple y me hace me siento tan bueno adentro. TELEVISION es definitivamente uno de mis próximos objetivos, yo he hecho un poquito de TV con LATV antes, pero yo no quiero ser justo su periodista típico de entretenimiento. Aspiro a estar como Oprah y vidas de toque. Sé que yo ya hago que por la radio, pero quiero tomárlo al próximo nivel.

TruthIsI: Usted tuvo la oportunidad para gastar algún tiempo con S. T. A. R. La base y firma como testigo uno de sus “asambleas de impacto” que eso fue tenida en Jefferson High School en Los Angeles no a hace mucho tiempo. Una cosa que usted y yo firmó como testigo fue la segregación entre Latina y chicas afroamericanas. ¡Fui desconcertado totalmente por esto! Informe barraca alguna luz en este asunto. ¿Cómo y puede recorrer usted este espacio entre nuestras señoritas?

Raq-C: Sí, la tensión en el cuarto que ese día estuvo loco. Llamo cualquier clase de la segregación, la ignorancia. La ignorancia porque vivimos en un día y la edad donde usted debe estar abierto tiene inconveniente en y entiende que vivimos en un mundo muy diverso. Cuando un Latina, yo sé que yo me encontraré con afroamericano, asiáticos, indio, Caucásico, etc. de personas a través de mi vida y eso son lo que hace la vida emocionante. Yo no puedo imaginarme vida en un mundo donde todos nosotros mirada el mismo, actúa el mismo, come el mismo alimento; eso tan estaría aburriendo. Todos tenemos las almas y el alma es pura, simplemente porque somos una cierta carrera no significa que soy mejor que usted, o usted es mejor que yo. Esas necesidades ignorantes del pensamiento para parar. Este espacio entre necesidades de señoritas para parar. Si esto es difícil para usted entonces lo desafía. ¡Haga a un amigo nuevo, aprenda acerca de su cultura y dure pero no menos, no juzga algo ni alguien usted no tiene la menor idea acerca de! ¡Abra su mente a cosas nuevas!

TruthIsI: Usted es una “diva” de mosca. ¿Quién o qué inspiran su estilo?

Raq-C: ¡(Risa) gracias! Pienso que muchas personas encuentran a la “diva” de palabra como un vanidoso alto de tipo mantenimiento de polluelo. A mí “Diva” es una palabra tan poderosa. Todas mujeres deben sentirse como una diva en alguna manera. Inspiro realmente mi propio estilo. Quiero destacarse. Una cosa acerca de mí es que yo no trato realmente tan duro destacarse. Mi personalidad pincha por sí mismo. Soy muy cómodo en propia la piel. Nunca tenga miedo para ser quién usted es. En instituto yo fui nunca realmente en chicos, yo fui más en la moda y el pelo. Yo me traté de comenzar tendencia en el instituto. Comencé tendencia y a personas siguieron.

TruthIsI: ¿Qué es uno las equivocaciones más grandes acerca del trabajo usted hace como una personalidad en-aéreo de radio?

Raq-C: Muchas personas piensan que acabo de sentar detrás del micrófono y justo conversación. Hay mucha planificación y redactando que me entra teniendo una exposición exitosa. Si usted es jamás en el estudio conmigo usted verá que hago aproximadamente 10 cosas distinto al mismo tiempo. Puedo estar haciendo todo a contestar telefonea, la mosuera-prep para mi exposición, buscando las noticias que rompen, MySpace, Twitter, redactando las llamadas, contestando mensaje de texto, dando el consejo a mi “chicas” joven en que me llama, verificando mis propagandas, y la lista pasa y. Sí permanezco ocupado. ¡Yo no entro justo el estudio y se siento allí, y doy gracias a God I hago no porque si no, yo tan sería aburrido!

TruthIsI: ¿Es verdad que usted es también dabblin’ en la industria de música?

Raq-C: ¿(riéndose)…as lejos cantando como? ¡(Riéndose) no! He sido dicho que puedo cantar. Sé que mis fuerza y mis debilidades y cantar no es mi llamamiento. Yo sólo canto en la ducha (riéndose) finjo I’m Gloria Gainor en la ducha y canto, “sobreviviré” (riéndose).

TruthIsI: ¿Destacando en el éxito de su carrera, hay un momento o la situación en tiempo donde usted se puso cómodo y el pensamiento a usted mismo, “estoy orgulloso de lo que hago y soy feliz de ser una personalidad en-aéreo de radio”?

Raq-C: ¡DIARIO! Diario es una bendición a mí. Para poder compartir mi pasión para la vida en la radio es diariamente un asombrar sentimiento. Muchas personas carecen esa pasión para la vida, eso sintiéndose de despertarse por la mañana y diciendo “sé lo que mi objetivo en la vida es hoy;” eso es un obsequio. Nací con tanta energía y yo quiero hacer otros sonríen mientras I’m en la radio. Si hago que con una historia personal o con una llamada telefónica yo pongo la radio, la misión logró. Muchas personas escuchan la radio para desconectar de lo que quizás esté pasando en sus vidas. ¡Siempre que haga a una persona se siente como un millón corcovea cada día, yo sé que hago un gran trabajo!

TruthIsI: Queremos cerrar nuestras entrevista con una afirmación positiva. Proporcione por favor uno compartir:

Raq-C: “Si usted no cree en usted mismo, nadie hace más”.

TruthIsI: Otra vez, gracias por su tiempo y el apoyo y usted no ha oído el último de nosotros.


TruthIsI: Thank you for taking time with TruthIsI. As you know, we interview like-minded successful women such as yourself in an effort to inform and educate our audience. You are one of the on-air radio personalities for the popular station, LATINO 96.3 in Los Angeles, California; how did you secure this position and what inspired you to do so?

Raq-C: I would have to say that I secured my position with Latino 96.3 with a lot of determination and self-drive! I was very much determined to get into L.A. radio, and I am the kind of person that when I set my mind on a goal, I will go after it until I reach it. I was doing radio in Chicago when I was informed that one of our sister stations in L.A. had flipped formats to the Urban/Rhythmic format. I left a good position in Chicago as a morning show co-host to chase this dream of getting back home and being able to rock the airwaves in Los Angeles. When I left Chicago I left with $200 in my pocket and drove my VW beetle back to Los Angeles. It took me four days to get home but guess what, I got home and I was ready for my next challenge!

TruthIsI: For the youth coming up behind you, what advice and/or direction would you give to them being interested in a career in radio?

Raq-C: The first and most important thing I would have to say is believe in yourself, because if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will. If this career is really what you want you must understand that it’s going to take a lot of work on your part and sacrifice. Sacrifices that sometimes you might not want to make, but if you’re serious about this career you will more than gladly do them. For example, begin with an internship at your favorite radio station. This career is So much fun, but it is definitely for people who are passionate. I always tell people I was born to do radio, there is not one day that I feel like I am going to work, I always say, “I’m going to do what I love today and that is rocking the mic & injecting my energy into the airwaves, what a blessing! How many people can actually say they do what they love on a daily? I know of a few, but more of us need to really be fulfilled with what we do on a daily/regular basis. If this is the career you want … chase it, full-force, no distractions or excuses and it will be yours!

TruthIsI: In visiting your website and your MySpace page, I see you have a few things going on. Please share …

Raq-C: Actually, I do. Some things I can’t tell you about quite yet. My website is one of my biggest babies. I’m sure you were able to tell that I have put a lot of heart and effort into my site. I do a daily journal just because I like to give others an inside look at my life and the things I do; I call that section of my website the “Daily Dose.” Something else I enjoy doing is going to speak at different high schools and youth/community centers. I love to empower and motivate the youth. I love to help the future of tomorrow believe in their dreams and really understand that if they can visualize it like I did, then you can make it a reality! Charity/community work is another big passion of mine. I try to do as much as I can; it fulfills me and makes me feel so good inside. TV is definitely one of my next goals, I’ve done a little bit of TV with LATV before, but I don’t want to just be your typical entertainment reporter. I aspire to be like Oprah and touch lives. I know I already do that through the radio, but I want to take it to the next level.

TruthIsI: You had the opportunity to spend some time with S.T.A.R. Foundation and witness one of their “impact assemblies” that was held at Jefferson High School in Los Angeles not to long ago. One thing that both you and I witnessed was the segregation between Latina and African-American girls. I was totally perplexed by this! Briefly shed some light on this issue. How can you and I bridge this gap between our young ladies?

Raq-C: Yeah, the tension in the room that day was crazy. I call any kind of segregation, ignorance. Ignorance because we live in a day and age where you must be open minded and understand that we live in a very diverse world. As a Latina, I know that I will encounter African-American, Asians, Indian, Caucasian, people etc. throughout my life and that’s what makes life exciting. I can’t imagine living in a world where we all look the same, act the same, eat the same food; that would be so boring. We all have souls and the soul is pure, just because we are a certain race does not mean I am better than you, or you are better than me. That ignorant thinking needs to stop. This gap between young ladies needs to stop. If this is difficult for you then challenge yourself. Make a new friend, learn about their culture and last but not least, don’t judge something or someone you have no idea about! OPEN YOUR MIND TO NEW THINGS!

TruthIsI: You are one fly “diva.” Who or what inspires your style?

Raq-C: (laugh) Thank you! I think a lot of people find the word “diva” as a conceited high maintenance type of chick. To me “Diva” is such a powerful word. All women should feel like a diva in some way. I really inspire my own style. I like to stand out. One thing about me is that I don’t really try so hard to stand out. My personality pops on its own. I am very comfortable in my own skin. Never be afraid to be who you are. In high school I was never really into boys, I was more into fashion and hair. I was all about starting trends in high school. I started trends and people followed.

TruthIsI: What is one the biggest misconceptions about the job you do as an on-air radio personality?

Raq-C: A lot of people think that I just sit behind the microphone and just talk. There is a lot of planning and editing that goes into me having a successful show. If you are ever in the studio with me you will see that I am doing about 10 different things at the same time. I can be doing everything to answering phones, show-prep for my show, looking for breaking news, MySpace, Twitter, editing calls, answering text messages, giving advice to my young “chicas” that call me, checking my commercials, and the list goes on and on. Yes I stay busy. I don’t just go into the studio and sit there, and I thank God I don’t because if not, I would get so bored!

TruthIsI: Is it true that you too are dabblin’ into the music industry?

Raq-C: (laughing)…as far as singing? (laughing) No! I’ve been told I can sing. I know my strengths and my weaknesses and singing is not my calling. I only sing in the shower (laughing) I pretend I’m Gloria Gainor in the shower and sing, “I will survive” (laughing).

TruthIsI: Highlighting on the success of your career, is there one moment or situation in time where you sat back and thought to yourself, “I am proud of what I do and I am happy to be an on-air radio personality?”

Raq-C: EVERYDAY! Everyday is a blessing to me. To be able to share my passion for life on the radio on a daily basis is an amazing feeling. A lot of people are lacking that passion for life, that feeling of waking up in the morning and saying “I know what my purpose in life is today;” that is a gift. I was born with so much energy and I like to make others smile while I’m on the radio. Whether I do that with a personal story or with a phone call I put on the radio, mission accomplished. Many people listen to the radio to disconnect from what might be going on in their lives. As long as I make one person feel like a million bucks every day, I know I am doing a great job!

TruthIsI: We like to close our interviews with a positive affirmation. Please provide one to share ...

Raq-C: “If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.”

TruthIsI: Again, thank you for your time and support and you haven’t heard the last from us.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vikki Johnson

TruthIsI: Gracias por tomar tiempo con TruthIsI. Cuando tú sabes, entrevistamos a mujeres exitosas afines como usted mismo en un esfuerzo de informar y educar nuestra audiencia. Una cosa que nos atrajo a ti soy tu último libro permitido "Adicto Falsificar el Amor". ¿Puedes decir nos tú un poquito acerca de este libro y lo que te inspiró a escribirlo?

VJ: Mi libro explora conductas/emociones poco sano que muchos a menudo interpreta mal como amor. Fui inspirado a escribir el libro a causa de mis propias experiencias y las experiencias de muchas mujeres que he tenido el privilegio para compartir sus viajes.

TruthIsI: ¿Tú eres no sólo un autor exitoso, tú eres también el director principal de actividades públicas para la BET, para un pastor asociado, y para un Director "destinado" … perdimos nosotros algo? ¿Cuando una sola madre con tantos logros bajo tu cinturón, cómo lo manejas tú todo?

VJ: ¡(Risa) manejo mi vida un día a la vez, un momento a la vez! Soy reevalúa constantemente mis prioridades y hacer ajustes por consiguiente.

TruthIsI: ¿Puedes compartir tú el consejo y/o las palabras de sabiduría para el millones de otras solas madres como yo mismo a permanecer enfocado, lo manteniendo todo juntos al todavía lograr tus propios sueños, objetivos, y las aspiraciones?

VJ: Puedo permanecer enfocó porque yo sólo hago lo que queda mi propósito. Sé lo que queda mi propósito porque tengo una relación sólida con Dios y yo soy una mujer de fe. ¡Consecuentemente, viviendo una vida propósito-accionado es uno de orden, la paz, y mucho amor!

TruthIsI: Hay una equivocación pequeña de lo que actividades públicas son. ¿Te puede la diferencia entre actividades públicas y relaciones públicas?

VJ: Las Relaciones públicas son principalmente un "medios" carrera y Actividades públicas que relacionadas son más "comunidad" relacionadas y conectadas.

TruthIsI: ¿Cómo lanzaste tú tu carrera con BET?

VJ: Créelo o no, comencé como un interno en 1986 cuando Donnie Simpson fue el anfitrión del Alma Video. Después de varias otras posiciones en la industria, yo volví a BET en 1997 y ha estado aquí desde entonces.

TruthIsI: ¿Para alguien que quiere comenzar una carrera dentro de actividades públicas lo que consejo o "mapa de carreteras" hacen tú los das?

VJ: Haz mucho trabajo de voluntarios~ especialmente en áreas que tú eres apasionado acerca de. En segundo lugar, construye las relaciones fuertes, sólidas y auténticas con personas que hacen lo que tú quieres hacer. ¿Cómo haces tú eso? Ofrécete (sonrisa)

TruthIsI: Tú y yo compartes una pasión semejante con consideraciones a la juventud, a la prevención, y a vida sana. He hecho esta pregunta tiempos innumerables a nuestra juventud y tengo mas recibir una respuesta culta … con toda la comunidad organizaciones basadas, con las campañas, y con ayuda general que es proporcionada a la juventud en un esfuerzo de prevenir enfermedades de transmisión sexual y embarazos no deseados, parecen como si la mayoría de las vueltas una "oreja sorda" y, los números continúan subir entre juventud y jóvenes adultos. ¿Por qué piensas tú que eso es? ¿Por qué no pasamos nosotros a nuestra juventud a más aumentar números? ¿Dónde estamos nosotros posiblemente "perdiendo el tren"?

VJ: ¡Nosotros no perdemos el tren! El barco justo no es suficiente grande. Los más niños que educamos, los más niños que nosotros no hemos alcanzado mas aparece. Acabamos de tener que permanecer cometido.

TruthIsI: Queremos el fin con una afirmación positiva, comparte por favor …

VJ: "Es el cambio que tú quieres ver" - GHANDI

TruthIsI: Otra vez, gracias por tu tiempo y el apoyo y tú no has oído el último de nosotros.